Supplemental Educational Services Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

ActiveSES Software

Part of a suite of software products supporting Extended Learning Services, ActiveSES was developed to collect, maintain, aggregate and report on student outcome results to assist the offering and management of Supplemental Educational Services.

Low-income families can enroll their child in Supplemental Educational Services (SES) if their child attends a Title I school that has been designated by the State to be in need of improvement for more than one year. The term "supplemental educational services" refers to free extra academic help, such as tutoring or remedial help, that is provided to students in subjects such as reading, language arts, and math. This extra help can be provided before or after school, on weekends, or during summer.

ActiveSES is a data collection, analysis, and reporting software that supports the data collection and reporting requirements for schools, districts, and providers of Supplemental Educational Services, allowing providers and their sponsors to effectively manage such programs while spending more time helping students and less time on paperwork.

teacher with multiethnic students in elementary school
  1. Collect detailed information about sites and/or providers that offer extended learning services. This information includes a listing of relevant activities provided that will benefit students as well as the instructional credentials of staff.
  2. Allow sites that offer extended learning services to maintain accurate student records and collect contact hours and services received while maintaining a continuously updated individual student progress report.
  3. Function as an extensive repository of longitudinal student-level outcome results that can be used to measure the effectiveness of extended learning services, thus functioning as an important tool to help measure and analyze educational progress related to such services.
Student Information System Integration

The software’s student listing can be preloaded from an existing Student Information System (SIS), reducing data entry time and errors while ensuring that students can be traced back to their school of enrollment.

Detailed Contact Hours

In order to maintain detailed records of student contact hours, a class schedule is implemented to allow student attendance to be quickly and easily updated by service providers and instructors.

Student Learning Plans

The Student Learning Plan is continuously updated throughout the instructional period with student goals, achievement levels, assessment results, and logs of all parental communication and signatures obtained.

Measurements of Student Progress

Student progress can be quantified by comparing before and after results on assessment scores or using performance levels on curriculum objectives that can be aligned with Common Core or state-defined standards.

Billing and Accounting

The invoicing system is flexible to allow accounts to be established for schools, districts, SES providers, or parents. Student contact hours and established hourly rates are used to generate invoices in PDF format.

Security and Confidentiality

As this application collects and maintains sensitive student-level data, key design features of this system provide a secure environment that is password protected and uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect data from unauthorized users.