Review and Certification of Raw Accountability and Testing Data

EDRC Software

A secure online data certification system that allows authorized district users request changes to student-level data elements from various rosters/data tables which may impact the School Performance Scores as well as subsequent reports such as the NCLB Subgroup Reports.

In an effort to maintain quality assurance of the accountability results, schools and districts have the opportunity to correct errors that may affect the calculations of school performance scores and subgroup component determinations. As part of this data certification process, schools and districts may request changes to various student-level rosters such as assessment, graduation cohort, and accountability-related bonus points. The modified student records, along with attached supporting documentation, are then submitted for review to the state. The following factors are critical to the success of such a complex procedure:

  • Districts must follow security protocols to ensure the safety and security of student information as well as have a clear understanding of the rules regarding the modification of student records.
  • Changes to student records must be logged, including the original, modified and finalized values, to provide transparency.
  • Continuously recorded communication and document exchange must be maintained throughout this process.

The Education Data Review and Certification Software (EDRC) is a powerful web-based system that facilitates the certification of raw student-level data by providing a secure environment, progress tracking capabilities, easy correspondence between the various stakeholders, and a robust reporting system.

students in class reading with their teacher
  1. Feature a user-friendly interface for District users to request changes to student records and to submit such records for review.
  2. Track the progress of the data certification from submission to closure (approval or rejection) including color-coded value changes.
  3. Maintain a clear, real-time line of communication between State and District users throughout the data certification process.
Secure Environment

The online software is password protected and uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect sensitive student information from unauthorized users.

Downloadable Rosters

Fully-formatted student-level files created in Excel format and made available for download, enables easy dissemination of student-level results to district and school staff.


Monitor the data certification process by roster and status via a real-time dashboard that displays the number of submitted, processed, and unresolved student records. Dashboard also includes the most recent announcements.

Multiple Lines of Communication

District and State users can communicate with each other to resolve data certifications, post private notes for internal use, and broadcast announcements for all to see. Users are also notified upon login of any unread announcement.

Tracking Progress

Stay aware of the data certification procedure in real-time including the last transaction and next course of actions to be taken. Quickly identify modified fields including value changes from original to final.

Output Files

For State users, summaries of data certifications are available for download including the initial appeal, all value changes, and correspondence between State and District users.