Career & Technical Education Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting Software

CATE Software

A detailed data collection, reporting, and analysis software enabling effective management of Career and Technical Education (CTE) program offerings at schools while supporting state and federal-level compliance reporting requirements for Carl Perkins Act.

The new millennium has begun with two important prospects:

  • Wondrous advances in science and technology.
  • A global economy with competitive job markets where only those with the right combination of skills and knowledge would succeed.
The offering of Career and Technical Education (CTE) at high schools is an effective and calculated measure for preparing the future workforce capable of competing in a global economy. With several local and federal grants as well as support from the US Department of Education, education agencies and school districts across the nation are offering various career and technical education programs for their high school students.

CTE programs will not only engage high school students in their daily schooling and assignments and thus making them much better and more successful students, but will also ensure a brighter and more secure future for them.

The Career and Technical Education (CATE) Software is a data collection, analysis and reporting software that not only helps in the management and tracking of career and technical program offerings, but also plays a critical role in the analysis of individual student progress to help in planning of the subsequent courses for them in a focused, meaningful fashion.

teacher works on a bike with student in career and tech
  1. Support implementation and active management of Career and Technical Education program offerings at high schools.
  2. Increase and affect student achievement and success in high school and beyond through measuring and monitoring individual student progress.
  3. Support data-driven program management and decision-making process while providing critical information for high school redesign and improvement.
  4. Function as an extensive repository of all relevant, longitudinal career and technical information at student, school, district, and state-levels.
  5. Support federal and state-level accountability and compliance reporting requirements including Carl D. Perkins Consolidated Annual Reports and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
Real-time Data

Supervisors can monitor the data entry process through a comprehensive dashboard containing summary-level student participation in all CTE-related activities to include duplicate and non-duplicate counts.

Data Analysis

Users can interact with career and technical data using drill-down features and user-defined grouping and sorting capabilities for viewing dynamic detailed and aggregate results.

Export Functionality

All career and technical data pertaining to a state, district, school and student can be exported into a fully-formatted PDF and/or Excel document for further analysis.

Student Academic and CTE Activity Profiles

Authorized users can generate custom student academic and CTE activity profiles on-the-fly by selecting from various indicators including CTE program participation and status, transcript records, post-secondary credits, assessment results, and more.

A Friend to Guidance Counselors

The CATE software also comes with a unique diploma tracking feature which can assist guidance counselors with individual student education planning and course selection.

Security and User Management

CATE is a secure password-protected software that uses 128-bit SSL encryption to sensitive student information. The software also includes a comprehensive and flexible user account management including granting privileges and access levels for various functions.