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What can we do for your organization?

MMCS Consulting, LLC is a leading-edge information technology and business consulting firm with a primary focus and concentration in providing comprehensive data collection, analysis, and reporting solutions for the K-12 Education industry.

It was founded in 1997 by Mark K. Mossavat, a veteran information technology and business consultant, who has been serving the public sector and the education industry for the past 35 years. Working with several State Departments of Education and numerous Public School Districts, MMCS Consulting, with its dedicated, senior software developers, has amassed extensive knowledge of this industry, including its extensive data collection, reporting, and analysis needs to help our clients meet federal and state compliance reporting requirements, to ensure continued funding for laws such as No Child Left Behind, Accountability, and Carl Perkins, and above all, to support their efforts in school improvement initiatives and mandates.

At MMCS Consulting, we take pride in the fact that we have some of the most satisfied clients that believe we have significantly contributed to their success. Our software solutions effectively and successfully perform their intended functions. Furthermore, our clients make important policy and educational improvement decisions through the embedded analytical tools and on-demand reports as well as the insightful data analyses we provide for them as part of our services.

We are only successful when our clients realize success as a result of our projects.

  • We view each project as an important undertaking and devote every resource to its complete success.
  • We understand that each project undertaken affects the success of our clients.
  • Our objective is our clients' total satisfaction with our services and products.

We are only successful when our clients realize total excellence in the services and products we deliver.

  • We are solution-focused with a proven track record for successfully completing every project on time and on budget.
  • We believe in total partnership with our clients by working very closely with them to ensure that every required need is met.
  • We totally commit ourselves to providing the highest quality of service in every aspect of our projects from client interaction, to understanding of the requirements, to providing the right solutions.

We are only successful when we combine unparalleled functional knowledge and technical expertise with all our products and services.

  • We have a thorough understanding of the education industry, from functional requirements, to data collection, to detailed data analysis and reporting.
  • Our organization can boast of over 40 years of continuous service to this industry reflected in the specific experiences of our project team members.
  • Our project team members are problem solvers with thorough education industry knowledge and proven skills in the latest information technology tools and techniques.
As a software company dedicated to serving the education industry, we have found that adherence to a set of key, guiding principles are crucial in building truly functional and responsive software products. The following highlights such key elements that are embodied in all our software products.
Data Inspection & Cleansing

Our in-depth knowledge in educational data collection as well as our extensive experience in dealing with data cleansing issues have resulted in development of software packages that are replete with embedded edit rules and data checking features to ensure the collection of accurate and highly-reliable data.

Perspective & Context
We have designed and developed our software products to be, in addition to performing their intended functions, a comprehensive source of analytical, comparative, and longitudinal information providing perspective and context for the collected data.
Data Aggregation & Analysis
All our software packages come with extensive data aggregation, analysis, and reporting modules to help you make sense of the collected data. After all, without such essential features, the collected data are only a collection of numbers and letters.
Modular Design
All our software packages have been developed in modular fashion utilizing independent objects so our expert team can quickly customize our software solutions to your exact specifications during the implementation phase.
Intuitive Interface
We strive to provide our clients with software solutions that are easy to use no matter how complex the requirements may be. We believe that users should be able to quickly learn how to use our products with minimal training and/or constant references to the user's manuals.
Secure Software Hosting
We provide complete, secure hosting services along with unparalleled technical support for the entire cadre of our software solutions. You will only need Internet access to get started.
We believe the following elements are critical to the success of any software implementation or custom-development project we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Designate Experienced Project Management Team

At MMCS, our primary objective is to keep projects running smoothly, on time, and on budget. Our forward-thinking managers seek to create a detailed and accurate project charter, work plan, and timeline at the onset so the project starts off on the right foot and the chances of unexpected problems developing down the line are reduced.


Identify Clear and Measurable Project Objectives

We feel it is essential to recognize all of the client's needs as quickly as possible. A successful project kick-off meeting should result in the project sponsor, project manager, and all key project members being on the same page and having a shared vision of the expected goals, deliverables, and key deadlines.


Assign Dedicated and Qualified Technical Leads and Staff

MMCS employs seasoned IT professionals that are problem solvers with education industry knowledge and proven skills in the latest technologies. A talented and capable team will ask the pertinent questions during the requirements gathering and analysis phase and is able to accurately bring them to fruition in the implementation phase.


Establish Roles, Responsibilities, and Communication Protocols

We cultivate a joint and collaborative approach by identifying and assigning roles to each project member and will hold them accountable for their respective project responsibilities. This provides ownership for the individual and clarity for all team members. Additionally, we work with the client to establish a communication protocol that promotes a productive working relationship.


Implement Effective and Transparent Project Management via PIECOMM

MMCS has developed its own project management tool, PIECOMM, to be loaded with details from the preceding actions. This secure software is accessible by all project members and is used to document communication, exchange files, track issues from initiation through resolution, and manage risk and scope. It will send automated emails with status updates and reminders to keep project management informed.

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